Modern Security Doors

A1 Security Doors supply a vast range of modern security doors that are specially designed to provide a strong layer of protection for your home, whilst also being classically unique to your taste.
Modern security Door - A1 Security

We use a RAL colour chart, with over 1600 colours available to choose from to ensure the perfect finish for your home security door.

As well as the extensive range of colour options, our supply of modern front doors is certificated up to the highest of European regulatory standards.

The extensive range of security doors for homes and businesses we provide are all to the formidable level three or four of security, guaranteeing paramount reliability and dependability.

Our modern security front doors are manufactured with a two-millimetre steel core and frame alongside a sixteen-point locking system that has hinge protection assurance.

Modern Security Door - Multi Pin Locking System

The security doors for homes and businesses are constructed with bolts locking into the frame and the multi-point locking systems are from Fian 678 and Mottura 85783.

This all contributes to steel doors being considered to be the strongest type of home security door.

Modern Security Front Door


Between October 2019 and September 2020, there were 325,434 cases of burglary that were recorded by the police; 80% of these reports occurred via the front door. We also produce various other styles of doors such as bedroom security doors, back doors, pavilion garage doors and office doors.

By working with us, you will be able to create a custom-made security front door with an aesthetically pleasing wooden outer-covering, used to conceal the secure steel appearance.

Modern Security Doors - Front door in Steel

A1 Security Doors Cambridge provide you with an exemplary bespoke service, allowing our team to design and create your perfect interior doors and exterior doors with additional standout features such as plain or grooved doors with mouldings and security glass.

The attractive glass features, are P6B tested with the use of a hammer and an axe, withstanding approximately thirty blows.

This therefore ensures the greatest standards of strength and security, whilst also escalating the impressive design of the secure door.

Modern security doors are highly contemporary. The intricate designing produces an effortlessly stylish appearance whilst also maintaining the high levels of sophistication and elegance.

Our broad selection and custom made security doors for homes and businesses in the modern style are minimalistic, sleek and distinctly on trend.

Modern Security Doors

A selection of some of our finest modern security doors!